The Rockdown Project

Putting the rock down during lock down!

About Us

We are all amateur musicians, who have been gigging in pubs, clubs and other venues in and around Hampshire for more years than we care to remember. Once the restrictions are over, please do come and see us play for real!

  • Olly Browning - Mafia, Stoked & Loaded, Summers, Hollywood Project, Italian Job, TS and the Young Blades
  • Crow - Mafia, Kranefly, Carnage, Dr Rock, Underdogs
  • David West - Cadency, Blink Daze, Rock of the Pops, Asylum Seekers, The Great Sultans, Stereotypes, Fight the Empire
  • Gerry Hearn - Kiss the Gun, Unforgiven Kingdom, Lynchpin
  • Bob Crozier - FBI, Fatman Sheriff, The Forge, Superfly, Carnage
  • Mark Sheridan - Monster, County Line
  • Rob Leech - Hybrid, Whitefake, Audio X, Seventh Sons, Lynchpin, Bifrost, Uprising, Kranefly, Unforgiven Kingdom, Perfect Alibi, Have Some Moore, Reason, Dead of Night, Avenford, Flatout
  • Simon Nixon - Muttley Crue, Boneyard, ThunderbirdZZ
  • Jim Slade - Superheroes, Black Rose, Phoenix Park, Special Brew, Run Riot
  • Les Black - Rock and Roll Daze, Siege, Mafia, Lemon Pie, Kranefly, Dr Rock
  • Andy Gavagan - Bifröst, Uprising, Unforgiven Kingdom
  • Andrew Warwick - Gun Metal Grey, Seventh Fear, Flatout, AXS, September Gun, Aftershock
  • Carl Johnson - We Was Ozzy, Silvercatcher, The Syndicate, Monster, Flashback
  • James Durand - Kepler Ten, Blackout
  • Alan Grapes - Dr Rock, Thunderstruck, Mafia, Black Rose, Bog Standard
  • Flash - Mafia, Black Rose
  • Steve Taylor - Mafia
  • Richie (Fluff) Cahill - Deep 13, Kepler Ten, R2, Blackout
  • Mike Roke - Five Chambers Full
  • Gonzo - Hybrid, Audio X, Repeat Offender, Ragdoll
  • Matt Pazio - Audio X, Hybrid
  • Tom Potter - Toledo Steel, Dr Rock, Mr Crowley
  • Edd Burton - The Underdogs, Shot All To Hell, Damaged Star, The Diceshakers
  • Mayfield - anyone who can afford me and doesn’t make me angry

Thanks to Pete Patterson (Mafia) for the website graphics!